Post Divorce Counseling

Picking up the pieces after divorce can be overwhelming. Fluctuating stages of relief and grief are common. We can help you navigate this difficult transition. Guiding you through stages of post divorce, co-parenting strategies and helping you move forward.

Parenting Through Divorce

Often times when going through a divorce or when involved in a custody dispute the court will order one or both parents to attend parenting classes to better understand the impact that divorce will have on the child or children involved. Private Divorce, Custody and Parenting classes provide tools to both parents helping them: ~Navigate the divorce process ~Adjust to the new rules ~Ease the transition for the children ~Learn what common mistakes divorced couples make and how to not only avoid them but understand the impact they have on your children

Parent Reconciliation

The goal of Parent Reconciliation is to start Rebuilding fractured relationships between parent and child. Learn what to expect when re-entering your child’s life, ease the transition and rebuild a new and healthy relationship with your child.

Parenting Classes

Private parenting classes that are custom tailored based on your situation, child/children’s ages and needs. ~Tools to better understand your children at each developmental phase ~Appropriate Discipline ~Communication ~Learn how to connect with your child/children

Anger Management

Anger is often a result of feeling you are not being heard or understood. Anger Management classes help you: ~Learn to control your emotions ~Understand the root cause of anger ~Diffuse Anger and Channel Emotions Responsibly ~Understand how Anger affects your relationships and the people around you ~Learn to Save and Heal Fractured Relationships