Couples Counseling

Marriage Counseling or Couples Counseling can be an effective way to create the marriage you want or save the marriage you have. 

I specialize in couples who are going through a difficult phase in their marriage: marital drift or just a lack of connection, recent infidelity, diagnoses, financial crisis, intimacy issues or couples experiencing major life transitions such as having or raising children.

Marriages go through an ebb and flow and often experience “growing pains”. Marriage counseling is a great way to understand that you may be in one of those dips and how to successfully get out. 

New challenges require new “tools” to help you navigate these difficult times. Unfortunately, many marriages end prematurely during these transitions. Learn proven techniques to get out of the negative cycle and back on track.

One of the biggest issues that bring people into marriage counseling is “communication issues”. Most marriage therapy focuses on reflective listening, which is great but it doesn’t solve the issue, you just hear it better! Let’s be honest just because I hear you doesn’t mean it solved the problem!

Communication during conflict that is not productive is venting or ranting……The key to communication is to learn how to negotiate and mange conflict in a productive manner. 

Marriage counseling should not be a forever process…..if you are in marriage therapy and you find yourself rehashing the same issues and not learning techniques and tools to navigate then you may be experiencing counseling fatigue.